Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Piece

I've been working on a bunch of new pieces in preparation for a show in June and this is one I hope to include.  It's another giant collage/mixed media piece called "In a Fit of Fuchsia".

IDSA Art Event - Designers, Paper, Beer

This year the IDSA held it's Mideast Conference in Cincinnati, and as Cincinnati's Chapter Chair I was busy for months working with our planning committee to plan and deliver a meaningful experience to our attendees.  One of the events we held was on the Friday night of the conference and was called Designers, Paper, Beer.  The event was an exhibit and silent auction of artwork created by designers.  Artists were asked to submit pieces that express their interpretation of "paper".  How it inspires you, how you work with it, etc.  Fellow designer, artist, coworker and friend, Michael Roller, was the brainchild behind the concept, which resulted in submissions by almost 20 artists from all around the country.  The event was really well attended by close to 200 people, all the work sold and proceeds went to benefit our favorite local arts organization, Artworks and the IDSA's Design Foundation, which provides scholarships to design students.  Thanks for everyone for your participation!  Here is a pic from the show with one of the 2 pieces I submitted (the giant Moleskine).

Secret Artworks

I submitted a few pieces to Secret Artworks again for 2010 and the event was even bigger and better than the last!  Cant wait to do it again this year!  Here's what you missed:

This is at the exhibition in the Westin.  Great venue and amazing turnout!

 This is me with friend and contributing artist, the talented Steve Wuesthoff.

This is one of the pieces I submitted.  Can't go wrong with SpaceBee!

Secret Artworks "Exposed"

Over the last couple of years I have participated in Artworks charity art event called Secret Artworks.  The premise of the event is that artists anonymously contribute pieces that are 5"x7" which are exhibited at a large show.  Patrons then pay something like $75 per person to attend the event (which is always an amazing time with a massive turnout) and with their admission fee are entitled to 1 piece to take home.  The cool thing about it is that the person acquiring the art has no idea who did  the piece until it's pulled from the wall revealing the name of the artist.  Very cool idea and makes a nice chunk of revenue for a great charity.  Cant wait to do it again.

One of the cool things about this show for the artists is that the Artworks team who curates the show, selects 100 of their favorite pieces and asks the artists that created them to be a part of a separate show called "Expose", where artists can exhibit one of their normal size pieces of work.  I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of these artists and was a part of the exhibit held at Artworks beautiful gallery space.  This too was a well attended show and was a great opportunity to meet some of the artists who donate their time and artwork to the Secret show.  Kudos to the Artworks team for all their hard work every year with both of these shows!  Here is a pic from the show.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clifton Cultural Arts Center

I was a part of the CCAC's innaugural show titled, Golden Ticket, which opened in October of 2010 at the CCAC in Cincinnati.  The show had an impressive collection of talents and a great turnout of attendees, and although less than ideal art placement and lighting, I appreciate the efforts of the CCAC staff in curating and putting on the show.  The call to artists is open now for this year's show and it promises to be even better.  You can find more details here.