Sunday, February 15, 2009

Red Tree Recap...

This past Friday night I had my opening at the Red Tree Gallery in Oakley (Cincinnati) and it turned out to be a really great venue and a very enjoyable experience. Personally, I had a great turnout of friends, family and supporters of me and my work, so that's always nice, but on top of that, the show was well curated, nicely organized and well promoted.

The space and lighting at the Red Tree showed off the work well in an intimate yet complimentary way while allowing for plenty of space for people to mingle and enjoy the venue. With the exception of the much too loud guitarist, I would have to offer my compliments to Wendy Smith and her team in coordinating and promoting this show of 10+ artists. I hope more people have the time to go take a look at the work as it runs through the first week of March and I look forward to entering work into more of their shows as they move into their new space!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Art Opening - Red Tree Gallery in Oakley

I had 3 paintings accepted into a group show at the Red Tree Gallery in Oakley, the opening of which is this Friday 2/13/09 from 6-9. This is sort of short notice, but the artists were just notified today, so not much I can do about that! I'll be there from 6-8 and will be happy to see whoever is able to make it out.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back on the ball

With the economy being what it is, most of the freetime that I previously used for creating artwork, is now being consumed with work activities and/or drinking. While productive activities in their own way, they are not helping me progress my painting.

I did take a bit of a hiatus after the crazy wave of shows from late 2007 to summer of 2008 where I completed almost 40 pieces in the span of 9 months. I have however resumed sketching, writing and collecting ephemera and thoughts and am ready to get back at it. I am currently submitting work into some upcoming gallery shows and I am looking forward to having the deadlines to keep me focused.

Thanks to all that provided me with so much support through 2008 and I look forward to showing you what inspiration 2009 will bring to my work.