Sunday, February 15, 2009

Red Tree Recap...

This past Friday night I had my opening at the Red Tree Gallery in Oakley (Cincinnati) and it turned out to be a really great venue and a very enjoyable experience. Personally, I had a great turnout of friends, family and supporters of me and my work, so that's always nice, but on top of that, the show was well curated, nicely organized and well promoted.

The space and lighting at the Red Tree showed off the work well in an intimate yet complimentary way while allowing for plenty of space for people to mingle and enjoy the venue. With the exception of the much too loud guitarist, I would have to offer my compliments to Wendy Smith and her team in coordinating and promoting this show of 10+ artists. I hope more people have the time to go take a look at the work as it runs through the first week of March and I look forward to entering work into more of their shows as they move into their new space!


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