Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Secret ArtWorks 2009 - Sale!

As you know, I recently participated in the Secret ArtWorks charity event to support arts projects around Cincinnati for kids.  2009 was a record year for the ArtWorks foundation, which is awesome news!  Here's a recap of Secret ArtWorks by the numbers:
  • 1474 Secret Works of Art submitted by 536 participating artists
  • 700+ vouchers sold 
  • 900 guests in attendance
  • $50,000 raised for ArtWorks programs!
Now even though they had such great turnout, there are a number of pieces that went unsold, so they've decided to do a special sale on Friday and Saturday 12/18&19 to sell the remaining work.  It's a great deal, $35 for 1 or $60 for 2, so I recommend you check it out.  I know I will!  Details are in the picture below and you can see what pieces are still available here.

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