Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Missing Pieces

Ok, this is sort of a play on words but stay with me for a minute.  I always tell people that art is for the artist and if anyone else likes the work they do, it's serendipity.  With that, most artists I know feel the need to keep a new piece around a bit to sort of feel it or live with it.  Let it speak back to you in a way.  That's how I feel for sure.  Right when I finish a new piece I tend to say to my self that this is my new favorite piece and how can I sell it.  But art is like anything else living in that if you need to keep it, it'll tell you and if it's ok to let it go, it'll tell you that too.  If you're not an artist this may sound ludicrous, but trust me, it's true.

Well, I did a show earlier this year in April where I was cranking to the last minute to get 2 pieces done in time for the opening.  Both sold which was cool, but the only problem was that I never got to live with them at all before they were put on exhibit.  One of the two I was ok with selling when I did as I had another one from the same series that I preferred anyway.  The other one however I not only didn't get to live with, but I dont even know who bought it.  It's not necessarily the most significant piece I've ever done or anything, but it was a bit of a departure for me and I really like it.  I'm sure I'd have sold it soon enough anyway but I would have liked having it around for just a bit longer so it could say goodbye.

This is the missing piece.  "Color outside the lines".

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