Sunday, September 4, 2011

Silently Obtain - Synthetica-M Gallery - 9/3/11

Last night was a 1 night event at Synthetica-M gallery called Silently Obtain.  The concept was to have a number of pieces on exhibit and rather than being priced with the built in gallery commission, the pieces had a "reserve" price that covered what the artist wanted to make and the rest going to the gallery.  I think the idea was really great and the turnout for the night seemed good too.  Aside from the uncharacteristic (for September) blazing heat, we had a nice crowd.  The opening of the new 3rd Party Gallery next door to Synthetica added to a good vibe to the event.  I met some really cool and talented people too, some who happened to be artists exhibited in the show.  Thanks again to Mason Paul for including me and putting on another good event!  You may also want to check out the work of Alton Falcone, Jared Dreyer and Curtis Goldstein.

This is the piece I had on exhibit last night.  "In a fit of fuchsia".

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